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Braid GROWTH Box

Braid GROWTH Box

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 Take Your Hair Growth to the Next Level the Easy Way!

If you have been struggling with hair growth, The Braid Growth Box is for you!

If you don't have time to constantly wash and deep condition your natural hair weekly, The Braid Growth Box is for you!

If you have experience constant breakage and or hair shedding, The Braid Growth Box is for you!



What is The Braid GROWTH Box?

The Braid Growth Box is a EASY 4 step hair growth system, that consist of 5 products that  fosters healthy hair growth and length retention without you having to remove your braids or protective style.  

What's Inside The Braid GROWTH Box?



How do you use it?

What's in it?

Ultimate Scalp Care Cleanser 

 Distilled water, aloe vera juice, rose water, witch hazel ( alcohol free), eucalyptus oil, orange oil, bergamot oil, coconut oil, glycerin, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate.

Chebe Hair Growth Spray

Chebe powder, distilled water, aloe vera, camellia sinensis,  lavender water,  rose petal water, clove water, phenoxyethanol for preservative

Aloe Vera Growth Drops

Aloe vera gel juice, distilled water, powerful vitamin blend. Amla powder, biotin, neem extract, tulsi, fenugreek,  xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol for preservative

Hydrating Growth Oil

Not only does it promote faster hair growth, it has been formulated to nourish your hair from the scalp. Making your hair longer, stronger yet more softer and more supple.

 Our ingredients also helps to prevent the formation of premature grey hair.

It is 100% natural and soy free

IT IS FREE OF ESSENTIAL OILS WITH HIGH HEAT INDEX SUCH AS ROSEMARY, PEPPERMINT OILS These oils stimulates growth, but often leaves the ends feeling dry and unmanageable, which often leads to breakage.

Our ingredients: Powerful vitamin blend, Ayurvedic blend rose oil, Botanical blend Grapeseed oil,  Hemp protein, Hibiscus, Flaxseed oil, 

Water Spray Bottle

Fill Complimentary spray water bottle with Spring Water only. Spring water has excellent effect on natural hair especially when compared to faucet water which is often times filled with many harsh chemicals and minerals that causes hair breakage. 


Use this and watch your hair flourish, the EASY WAY!!!


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How to use

Please refer to info above for usage instructions.


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Return policy

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Customer Reviews

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Nicole Graham

Braid GROWTH Box

The Growth is Real!

I LOVE the products in this box! The cleanser feels so AMAZING on my scalp, like FR. No shampoo or cleanser has ever felt as cooling and stimulating and refreshing…I think the water spray bottle is thoughtful and the growth is growing, my new growth is thick…. I can wait to take out my braids and see my results.

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