How Ginger Helps to Grow Hair & Edges Back

How Ginger Helps to Grow Hair & Edges Back


 Have you tried varying ways to regrow your hair and edges but failed to receive actual results? 


What about trying ginger? Yes! Ginger!  

Ginger is a popular and potent spice loaded with medicinal benefits, including the ability to strengthen and regrow hair and edges.  The anti-inflammatory nature of ginger helps to restore health to the hair and scalp. True hair growth begins at the scalp. When your scalp is cared for with ginger, the scalp will improve, thus limiting hair loss and encouraging hair growth and length retention.  


How Do The Properties Of Ginger Encourage Growth For Hair And Edges?  

Ginger is rich in antioxidants, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which play a vital role in the hair growth process.  These minerals that naturally exist within ginger stimulate the blood flow in your scalp, which restores hair growth.  Specifically, the fatty acids found in ginger boost hair growth of thinning edges and prevents total hair loss.  Important to note also is the antiseptic properties found in ginger that helps to rid the scalp of impurities or conditions (like dandruff) that hinder healthy hair growth.  


Ginger and Thinning Edges 

The appearance of thinning edges can be emotionally taxing. Hair edges that are obviously thin can cause low self-esteem and discomfort. The truth is thinning edges is not only caused by tight hairstyles that pressure your hairline, but it also can be hormonal, genetic, or medication-induced. Even some edge controls can damage and cause edges to become sparse because of the alcohol present. Glues, tight bonnets, and hair glue can also damage your edges. 

But, there is good news! Ginger can counter any of the above reasons for your thinning edges with its powerful blood-boosting properties and The Beauty of Rashida 911 Follicle CPR Oil and Shampoo contains ginger!!!This powerful duo combines ginger with an army of ingredients that helps to block DHT hormones that causes baldness, prevents follicle death, clears up bacterial infections in hair follicles. These products are MUST try worthy! 


  • Deeply nourishes and strengthens  damaged hair follicles
  • Blocks DHT hormones that causes male and female pattern baldness
  • Prevents follicle death
  •  Greatly reduces inflammation in the hair follicles 
  •   Prolongs growth cycle in hair follicles
  • This formula revitalizes and stimulates hair growth in dormant follicles
  • Greatly reduces hair breakage and shedding
  • This formula is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are free of soy, parabens and gmos



Final Thoughts  

The natural antioxidant properties present in ginger protect your hair from damage that can lead to extensive hair breakage.  There’s hope for healthy hair by adding ginger into your hair routines, regardless of your hair type. Incorporating ginger into your hair care regimen will grow your hair and restore your thinning edges.   


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