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Plump & Hydrate Your Skin With our Beauty Mask

Our Beauty mask plumps and hydrates your skin and gives you supple firmer youthful skin. It builds collagen in skin cells to help with that pretty gril well rested glow!

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Reset/Detox Mask

Tired of bumps and break outs? If so hit the reset button on your skin with our Reset/Detox mask that kills toxins and impurities and gives you brigther clearer more balacned skin without drying out your face!

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Kiss Dark Spots Good Bye & Say Hello to Brigther Skin!

Our Brigthen Mask exfoilates your skin to give you a renewed brighter radiant glowing complexion & it is great for removing dark spots!

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Encourages Growth + Length Retention

Feed your scalp hydration, moisture, vitamins and herbs needed for healthy hair growth and length retention.

say goodbye to oily hair

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The Beauty of Rashida is believes there is NOTHING basic about loving your natural beauty. We create natural and organic products that helps to reveal and higher level of natural beauty that lies within you!


  • More Voluminous Hair

    Aloe Vera is made of 98% water the hydration helps to swell hair strands making them more voluminous and moisturized. We use vitamins such as biotin which contain keratin to encourage hair growth and make hair stronger.


    I have extremely fine tightly coily hair, hair growth oils generally makes my grow even thiner, however with Aloe Vera Growth Drops my breakage has decreased, I seen my hair growth faster and its healthier looking than it has ever been before!