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Mask Trio - Personalized Skincare

Mask Trio - Personalized Skincare

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Say if you tend to get breakouts on the sides of your face, but not on the front should you treat your whole face for breakouts? The answer is No, because you are actually doing more harm to the healthier areas as you may be drying it out. Our mask Trio allows you to treat your breakouts and give the rest of your face the care that it needs to stay healthy, youthful and glowing. 



D E T O X / R E S E T

The Reset Detox mask gently removes the toxins and impurities that causes breakouts, rough and uneven skin. After your first use you will noticeably see

  • Reduced inflammation in bumps
  • Reduced appearances of blemishes and large pores
  • Smoother Textured skin
  • More even skin tone
  • Brighter clearer skin
  • Healthier, radiant youthful glow

Our Reset/Detox Mask is made with powerful Antioxidants and Green Superfoods, probiotic blend. Which includes, Green French Clay, Bentonite Clay,  Basil leaf, Aloe Vera, Kale, Green Apple extract, Neem, Cucumber extract, Kiwi extract.


  •  Will  make your skin soft and supple. It treats dry and flaky skin and hydrate it.
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation,
  • Brightening dull skin 
  • Protecting skin from environmental damage
  • Unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells

Our Brigthen Mask  

Our Brighten Mask is rich with Vitamin C it contains Papaya, Turmeric and Mango!

It also contains distilled water, aloe vera, French white clay, shea butter, apricot oil,  lactobacillus bulgaricus, xanthan gum, cinnamon, slippery elm, phenoxyethanol, ascorbic acid

 B E A U T Y

Do you wish your cheek bones were a littler higher?

Do you desire a more youthful looking skin?

Is your skin dry or dull?

Do you want to naturally fill in laugh lines, or fine lines in your face ?

If so try our Beauty Mask

Our Beauty mask helps you to feel younger and prettier!

It helps to hydrate your skin for a softer supple skin

It helps to reduce fines and wrinkles

It plumps up your cheek bones

Pink Australian clay, distilled water, neem, licorice root, sea moss extract,  amla extract, strawberry extract, pink dragon fruit extract, hibiscus extract, slipperry elm, phenoxyethanol 



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Customer Reviews

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R. S.
This Trio is a Staple product!

The Detox mask really detoxifies my face in a hydrating way! It wipes the debris from black heads and pumps with any pus out! Leaving my skin brighter, smooth tighter and refreshed.
The Beauty mask, gives my skin filler, without botox OKAY! My skin is always left looking more plump, cheek bones sits higher, fine lines reduced dramatically! It keeps me with a healthy youthful looking skin and I'm in my 40's so that is key for me!

The Brighten Mask works wonders removing dark spots, I use it as a spot eraser for dark marks.

Love them all!

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