Why Wearing Wigs Might Not Be The Best Option If You Have Alopecia

Why Wearing Wigs Might Not Be The Best Option If You Have Alopecia

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Having Alopecia may make you feel you like you have to wear wigs for the rest of your life. However wearing them too frequently and or incorrectly for that matter can reverse your condition or keep your condition from improving. This can happen because wigs can be to abrasive to your scalp especially if your not wearing your wig cap. I seen wigs literally rub off and pull my clients edges and hair off, form both glue and glueless wigs. 


As you can see the inside of this lace frontal has alot of construction, from  clips to relatively coarse materials, yet something "delicate" as lace can rub off your edges and hair. Especially because if you have weak follicles they are fragile which means your hair can easily be broken off.

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Another issue that can occur from wearing wigs it can cause mold, bacteria and fungus from sweat, build up of dirt and lack of ventilation. Bacterial and fungus infections are one of the causes of CCC Alopecia . Bacterial, and fungal infections in the follicles can wreck havoc when the infections are left untreated it can cause hair loss to spread. This can occur even if you washed your hair numerous of times, if the bacteria and or fungus has not been killed with the right ingredients that kill bacteria and fungus. If you are wondering where can you find such a shampoo? The Beauty of Rashida Follicle CPR Shampoo contains ingredients that helps to kill bacteria, fungus and mold in follicles and hair strands. It is recommended for those with CCC Alopecia and if someone is coming out of protective styles and yes wigs. 

We know that wigs can be super convenient and fab! So here  a few ways to wear wig correctly. The first way is to always wear your wig cap, preferably one with a satin lining inside. The second way is to wash your hair weekly with a anti bacterial and anti fungal like our Follicle CPR Shampoo, it will assist you with not only removing bacterial and fungal infections but nourishes follicles, strengthen follicles, helps reduce follicle inflammation.

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