Protective Style Cleanser aka Follicle Detox

Protective Style Cleanser aka Follicle Detox

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Whats inside?


Our alcohol free protective style cleanser has been formulated to

  • Deeply cleanse hair follicles removing clogged dirt and build up
  • Cleanse and remove: stinch, lint, and oily build up from scalp and hair with out stripping the scalp and hair of its natural oils.
  • Will not disturb the curl pattern of synthetic or hair weave when used properly.
  • Great Wash day hack for naturals
  • Great for after workouts                                                                                             

Directions: Apply directly and massage onto scalp then wipe with cloth dipped into cool water. For Crochet hair pour small amount into hands and gently work into hair, follow with a small sprays of water, let air dry do not use towel after afterwards.

Our ingredients, orange oil, begamont oil, hibiscus, vegetable glycerin, alcohol free witch hazel, aloe vera juice, coconut oil,  raw honey, eucalyptus oil, xanthum gum, citric acid

Customer Reviews

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Lafiesta Wright
Amazing Cleanser

OMG, my scalp feels clean and refreshed!!! I purchased the hydrator and follicle CPR extra strength as well. I'm looking forward to having amazing results over the next few months!!!

Great Products!!

I wanted to make sure I used all of the products before I gave feedback. I really like the detox product. It got rid of the itchiness and clog pores that was on my scalp and cleaned it while I was in my protective style. The oil is thick and smooth and it makes my scalp feel great. I can't say that my hair has grown because of it but I do like thick oils. The strengthening sprays works well and it does strength my hair. I do like all of the products and will continue to purchase.

This cleanser is SO underrated!

I been on to this cleanser that I purchased from The African Arts Festival in Brooklyn back when outside was open. I been using it every since. 1st This cleanser make it so easy to cleanse my scalp and hair! It gets clean, clean without leaving my scalp dry, dry or itchy. I love the cooling sensation it gives me oh and my hair loves this cleanser it Leaves it softer shiny and clean when I cleanse with it, when I'm not in my braids too.

Marquita Mitchell
The Experience You Need

I absolutely love this follicle detox! I was introduced to this product watching a braiding video on YouTube. I took my box braids out and used it on my hair and my scalp had never felt so ALIVE! I immediately had to share the experience. So I put it on my cousin scalp. Btw, it was the easiest detangling process I have ever had!

Love this Cleanser!

This product does an excellent job of removing build up from my scalp leaving it clean! So clean I can feel my scalp breath. It leaves it clean but never dry It also cleans my hair well and makes curls pop too. The consistency is super lightweight and again sudless so rinsing out is a breeze.