Why Hair Growth Oils Are Not Effective in Treating Hair Loss

Why Hair Growth Oils Are Not Effective in Treating Hair Loss

Whether you are looking to grow longer hair or if you have hair loss the end goal is longer hair. However hair loss and hair growth are two separate things that should be treated differently in order to achieve optimal results.

Hair growth oils were created to stimulate hair follicles to encourage hair growth. When someone with hair loss uses hair growth oils their hair will grow, however once their follicles are no longer being stimulated the hair will back out, because the follicle damage is still present. Damaged follicles are weak and often are filled with inflammation which causes hair fall.  On the flip side hair growth oils are great for those with healthy follicles to encourage hair growth.

When it comes to treating hair loss it is imperative to treat follicle damage. Hair loss is not a hair growth problem it is a follicle problem. Sometimes the hair grows, but the follicle are too damage for the hair come thru the follicle, sometimes the follicles shrink. So to effectively treat hair loss you have to treat the follicles damage 1st, once the follicles are healthy the hair will continue to grow even when the treatment is no longer being used. This is the effect that our 911 follicle CPR products has on our customers, they experience lasting results. Youtuber She's Just Ky stated that even when she has taken a break from using our 911 Follicle CPR oil on her edges her edges did not fall back out and they continued to grow. She also went on the state that she have never experienced this using other hair products. 

We are grateful to God for the effectiveness of our products on our customers its is literally freeing people from hair loss that have been struggling for a long time and even those who have been told by dermatologist that their hair will never grow back. If you are struggling with hair loss definitely give the 911 Follicle CPR products a try. 



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