How to Grow Your Natural Hair While Wearing Braids

How to Grow Your Natural Hair While Wearing Braids

Did you know that your scalp is an extension of your skin? Did you know if you are Protective Styling regularly your hair still needs a regimen if your want to maximize the growth of your hair.

Our Protective Style Collection easily allows you to cleanse, hydrate and grow your natural hair while protective styling

If you desire to see maximum growth of your hair and wear Protective Styles most of the time your scalp still needs to be cleansed weekly. Not cleansing your our scalp regularly can actually stunt the growth of your hair. Cleansing your follicles weekly will remove the build up of dirt, product build up, dandruff from your follicles cause then to breath and allow your hair to grow freely thru them.

The hair used for many protective styles can actually make your hair dry and the weight of the braids and the tension applied can also make your strands break easily. Plus natural hair is like the grass in order to grow healthy it needs to be hydrated and strengthen frequently. So we highly recommend our Protective Style Hydrator. 💦💦💦

Last but not least to stimulate hair growth our Ombré Scalp Energizing Oil has vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins, amino acids and moisturizing oils that encourages healthy hair growth. This hair growth oil is difference because it is free from essential oils with high heat index, such as rosemary and peppermint oil. Although they are great at stimulating hair growth the heat makes the hair strands drier which leads to breakage and the ends crispier. Our Ombre Hydrating Growth Oil hydrates your hair from your scalp, hydrating your scalp will help make your ends more juicer and healthier NOT dry. Ombre Hydrating Growth oil Oil also has a blend of vitamins such as biotin and ayurvedic herbs, castor oil that stimulates, not just growth but healthy hair growth.

Start your healthy hair growth journey with The Beauty of Rashida.

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