Why Hair Growth Oils Will Not Work Against Hair Loss

Since natural hair became popular hair growth oils has been a BIG thing for naturals seeking more hair length. Hair growth oils were created and known to stimulate hair growth by bringing blood flood to the scalp.  They are often filled with firey essential oils such as peppermint and rosemary oils. They work wonders for women with healthy active follicles and even not so healthy follicles. However when it comes to recovering from hair loss, its deeper than just stimulating blood flow to the scalp. 

When someone has hair loss their follicles are damaged. Even though you can try to stimulate hair growth on damaged follicles the results will not be lasting. For instance you ever tried to use a hair growth oil and when you stopped using it your hair began to fall right back out? That is because the product did not get to the root cause of hair loss, it only masked it symptoms. When it comes to hair loss ingredients used to stimulate hair growth on healthy follicles are less effective in treating hair loss, because hair loss is not a hair growth problem, its a follicle problem. 

When on your journey to recover from hair loss it is crucial to use products created to repair follicle damage. The Beauty of Rashida gets to the root cause of hair loss which is inflammation in the follicles. Inflammation in the follicles weakens the follicles and makes your hair fall out. Dermatologist use steroid injections to reduce follicle inflammation, which are painful and costly. Instead the 911 Follicle CPR collection works to naturally reduce follicle inflammation using powerful ingredients. In addition follicle inflammation bacteria trapped in follicles also is a cause of hair loss. Bacteria is linked to CCCA Alopecia, which is a form of hair loss that occurs in the central part of the head. Our 911 Follicle CPR Shampoo works to kill bacteria and fungus in follicles. Using this along with our 911 Follicle oil has worked wonders and totally reversed CCCA Alopecia in many women.

So therefore when it comes to hair loss research the ingridents in your products to see if they really work to repair, nourish and strengthen damage follicles. Using our 911 Follicle CPR products are a great place to start a it was created to repair damage follicles. 



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