The #1 Cause of Unhealthy Hair

The #1 Cause of Unhealthy Hair

When our hair is not moisturized it starts to break . Very often we forget to moisturize our hair when it’s in a protective style. Natural hair is is like the grass if we don't water it, it will grow but the condition of the grass will be very dull, very dry and lifeless. However if we hydrate it it will grow healthy full of color and body this rule also applies to our hair.

Moisturizing it is very important because it not only helps promote new hair growth but also helps us retain the length we already have .

Well what is the solution ?
Try to keep your hair moisturized when your hair is protected . We have the best products for this💃🏽 We even have a bonus solution because the other lement that our hair needs is protein, yes protein that is what our strands are made of. 

✨Our protective style hydrator was formulated to hydrate , moisturize , strengthen and condition and yes it has a bit of protein to keep the integrity of your hair up. Remember too much moisture can lead to breakage also. So using this will be excellent while you rock your protective style .

✨This will make sure your hair is growing in a healthy way allowing you to retain hair length, that does NOT have to be chopped off during trims.

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