Symptoms of CCC Alopecia

Symptoms of CCC Alopecia

Pain in your scalp is not 🚫normal.
Excessive hair shedding is not 🚫normal.

Many times when women have these symptoms think it will away on its own we don’t realize the damage until we have hair loss.

If you have these symptoms wash your scalp with our 911 Follicle CPR Shampoo, This shampoo kills bacteria. After research and seeing clients conditions and speaking with them as a natural hair care specialist. I learned CCCA is often caused by bacteria trapped in the follicles. Bacteria trapped in follicles causes follicle inflammation. Follicle inflammation causes hair loss. Bacteria 🦠 loves to spread as it spreads it causes more damage and hair loss.

Regular Shampoo may slow bacteria down, but it won’t kill it. Our 911 Follicle CPR Shampoo was created to kill bacteria and fungus and help repair damage follicles.
Thankfully we helped so many women.

You’re next sis!
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