Do you know the Early Signs of Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA)?

Knowing the EARLY signs of  CCC Alopecia is key to preventing moderate - extreme hair loss. 

But the thing is it’s hard to see in the back of your head right. 

Here are some key signs

Mild to Excessive Shedding and or Breakage from the middle of your head. 

Soreness and tenderness in the middle of your head. 

A small area of hair loss

If you have any of these signs it is imperative that you wash your hair with our 911 Follicle CPR antibacterial and anti-fungal follicle CPR Shampoo. Bacterial and fungus infections in the follicles are causes linked to CCC Alopecia. It is imperative that bacteria and fungi  are removed from the follicles.  The thing with regular shampoo, it does not have agents to kill off bacteria and fungus so you can literally wash your hair 10 times and the bacterial and or fungus can still spread and cause hair loss. Our 911 Shampoo has powerful ingredients to rid your follicles of bacteria and fungus. However if you still feel soreness after using  follow up with your doctor as your condition may be more complicated.  

Then treat your follicles daily with the 911 Follicle CPR oil. To help reduce Inflammation and heal damaged follicles. 

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