Do you Have Alopecia Crochet Braids Are a Great Choice

Do you Have Alopecia Crochet Braids Are a Great Choice

When it comes to Alopecia it can be devastating and the 1st thing many with this condition want to do is hide the damage and look their best. Many resort to wigs however, contrary to popular beliefs wigs can be damaging to follicles and hair. However there are other hairstyles that can conceal  damaged areas and assist you in your follicle repairing process.

Crochet braids are a wonderful alternative. It allows you to have access to your scalp, having access to your scalp allows you to treat your scalp and damage area (s). You can cleanse your scalp and apply follicle treatments like our 911 Follicle CPR oil.  

Crochet braids are an excellent choice too, because they allow you to customize your braid pattern to meet your hair care needs. If you have damaged edges your hair can be braided in a way that conceals the damage without putting tension on the damaged areas. Once tension is stopped the follicles have a higher chance of healing. So this is great for those with Alopecia or hair loss.

Here are a few examples of braid patterns

Image from The Healthy Hair Bar
Image From Hair Bee Natural

In terms of hair there are so many curl patterns and hair textures to choose from straight to kinky coily. To get the best quality we always suggest purchasing it from trusted online vendors rather than Beauty Supply Stores.  If you’re not a fan of synthetic hair, well there are human hair options as well. Check with the stylist in your area. I know The Healthy Hair Bar and the Hair Bee Natural offer Human hair Crochet braids.

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