Did She Say 911 is the Best Edge Growth Oil?

"Did She Call 911 follicle CPR The Best Edge Growth Oil?" 


Kyreeka Shanta, a popular Youtube influencer who posts varying content on hair tips, fashion, lifestyle, and more, has been struggling with her edges since she was a child.  


The Beauty of Rashida contacted Kyreeka, and she was willing to try the 911 Follicle CPR Hair Growth Oil because she was excited about anything that would grow her edges.  


Kyreeka has tried various products from scalp bars to drops in the hope of regrowing her edges but really to no true progress as her edges remained sparse even after weeks of usage.  Kyreeka started using the 911 follicle CPR on August 25, and by September 2, she had over 80% regrowth to her edges.  


Kyreeka vouches for this product and considers it a "Bomb Product." It is without a doubt that this product works specifically for thin edges that are weak. Kyreeka testifies that her edges before this product were not only thin but very weak, and by brushing them even gently, her edges would fall out.  

However, since she has started using the 911 follicle CPR her edges are more robust, and they don't fall out as before.  


Not only is this edge growth oil by Beauty of Rashida packed with powerful benefits and progress, but it is reasonably priced – it is worth it!  


"This is the best edge growth oil there is for me, and I will keep using it because I want my edges to continue growing strong." 

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